FMCSA Property Broker Authority

USDOT: 3351070 │ MC: 1071367 │ SCAC: MLBC

What makes us different? 

We invest in assets, our carriers utilize and build strong long term partnerships. This results in a complete different cost model and offers a very competitive rate structures to our customers.  

MESITIS LLC understands the necessity of asset utilization and required volumes by logistics providers. Volatility and policies affecting trade markets and the need of low fluctuating costs for traders and manufacturers demanding supply chain services challenges these requirements. 

Our brokerage's core business is to connect merchants and logistic providers finding a financially sustainable equilibrium for both parties. 

We believe that the unmet need of strategic brokers within this equation is very present in the industry. A strategic partnership with our domestic freight broker business unit, will help your entity to save money, resources and promises a high success rate. 

On Demand

From our initial assessment to alignment of our strategies, MESITIS LLC participates on each step of your way and throughout all uncertainties. 


Outsourcing logistic services lowers our clients financial risk and offers a single point of accountability.


We focus on the long-term value and sustainability of our clienteles supply chain models. Personal commitment has absolute priority. 

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